For our opening, first ever blog post, we wanted to do something different. No sales pitch, or PR release stating what we do as a company. Instead we wanted to just give you all a little more insight into what drives us to provide you (our clients and audience) with our best each day. I recently was asked the question stated below in bold print. To be honest, it truly made me think and look deep. Wonder my what, my why, my where. Seems easy enough to figure out, but when being extremely specific to those things, I felt like I was able to confirm with myself, my one day goal, and where my passion for what REAL Communications is about is rooted from.

ONE Thing Goal Setting Some Day Goal: What’s the ONE Thing I want to do someday? Go BIG & Get SPECIFIC.
I want to set foot on every continent in the World. I want to see volcanoes erupt in Hawaii, take a photo standing in front of a Redwood tree, set my eyes on Yosemite mountain, go to the Grand Canyon, drink fresh wine in Chile while over looking the Pacific ocean, wave to a penguin in Antarctica (and hopefully it’ll wave back with its big flipper), go cliff diving at Rick’s Café in Jamaica, walk on the Wall of China (and go to a Buddhist temple in China seeing I’ll be there), go to the beach that is from of movie ‘The Beach’ in Thailand, put my arm around a Kangaroo in Australia (and maybe see/meet a real life Crocodile Dundee), see some of the last true beasts in the wild in Africa, go to Oktoberfest in Munich, set foot on ‘Jedi Island’ (Skellig Michael in Ireland, and also drink Jameson and pints in Dublin too), relax in the Swiss Alps, see the mosques in Delhi, India, drink vodka with Russians, pretend to try and ski/snowboard in Vancouver Canada (most likely just sit in the lounge and take in the views and sights), and so much more!